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The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery in New York City

Although there are several different types of spinal surgery, in recent years many people in New York have chosen laser spine surgery because of its benefits when compared to older, legacy surgical methods. New, minimally-invasive laser technologies with pinpoint accuracy have the potential to replace the larger, clumsier surgical instruments of the past. People who suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness or other problems resulting from spinal conditions now have more options to choose from.

According to medical professionals and patients, here are some of the benefits of laser spine surgery:

Minimally-invasive: Laser spinal surgery is far less invasive than older forms of back surgery. In most cases, the incisions for laser surgery are only one or two inches in length or width, while traditional invasive back surgery often requires cuts which are six inches or longer. Of course, smaller surgical incisions can help the body heal more rapidly.   

Smaller, more-precise instruments: Laser procedures use smaller surgical instruments to operate on discs and bones in the spinal column; smaller instruments are less invasive and therefore cause less collateral damage during back and neck surgery.

Local anesthesia: Since laser spinal surgery relies on smaller incisions and can be performed under local anesthetics, patients generally remain awake during operations and thus they avoid complications from general anesthesia.

Outpatient treatment: Because they are less invasive, laser procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, so patients and families avoid the potential risks of in-hospital surgical treatments.

Reduced costs. For all of the above reasons, laser spinal operations often help New York patients and their families save money, which is a critically important factor in making the decision to choose laser spine surgery over older, sometimes outdated treatments.

Patients can now take advantage of laser spine surgery to treat problems which formerly would have been considered untreatable, and the benefits are often clearly evident. If you or someone you love lives in New York and is suffering from back pain, neck pain, or other symptoms of spinal problems, you should discuss your options surgery with a knowledgeable professional.