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Syracuse Laser Spine Surgery: Transportation Backbone, and Back-Injury Hotspot

Syracuse is the economic crossroads of New York– Not only is Onondaga County the home of a large and diverse population of workers, it’s also the transportation hub of central New York. With busy roadways carrying so much traffic, and with so many active businesses competing in this region, it’s no wonder there are a worrisome number of accidents and mishaps leading to spinal injuries and back problems in the Syracuse area; many people are injured in accidents or suffer spinal damage from carrying heavy weight in the workplace. Fortunately, people in Syracuse have access to New York’s most advanced laser spine surgery treatments.

Injuries and accidents often cause back pain, neck pain, numbness or tingling, and sometimes muscle weakness. People who suffer from back pain and other symptoms want quick relief, and those who do careful research usually decide to undergo laser spinal surgery to relieve their problems, because laser spinal treatments are fast, minimally invasive and highly effective in relieving pain and other symptoms.

Older methods of treating spinal problems involve deeply invasive spine surgery using long incisions and large, relatively clumsy instruments. In contrast, laser spine surgery is performed through small incisions using advanced laser technology which can remove painful damaged tissues without disturbing the surrounding healthy areas. Of course, laser spinal treatments are performed in an outpatient clinic without requiring inpatient hospitalization, which saves money and reduces the chance of surgical complications. Many patients feel immediate relief after laser spinal procedures, and they can quickly return to their normal lifestyles.

If you are suffering from pain or other symptoms from back or neck injuries, you should speak with a leading laser spine surgery expert to learn about your options for relief. To begin the healing process today, call the telephone number listed below.

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