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Rochester is a leader in medical technology, including laser spine surgery

Rochester is well known as New York’s leading city for education and technological innovation, so it stands to reason that the Rochester area is also a leader in advanced medical treatment technologies such as laser spine surgery. People who live in Rochester expect top-quality care, so those who suffer from back pain, neck pain, tingling, numbness, or other symptoms of spinal problems often seek relief through laser spinal treatments.

When someone is suffering from pain following a vehicle crash, workplace accident, or household mishap, their spinal injuries can be effectively treated with laser spine surgery. Older methods of back surgery are highly invasive, so patients are generally forced to spend time in a hospital, and possibly face a lengthy recovery period afterward. Fortunately, however, since Rochester is a hub for progressive medical care, laser spinal treatments are the preferred method of dealing with back and neck problems here. Because laser spine surgery is simple and minimally invasive, the laser treatments are performed in an outpatient clinic using very small incisions, so hospitalization is usually not necessary. Best of all, most people quickly feel relief from pain and other symptoms.

If you or someone you love lives in the Rochester, New York area and suffers from back pain or other symptoms of spinal problems, you should consider laser spinal surgery. Take advantage of our region’s medical-technology leadership, and begin the healing process today. To learn more about pain relief, call the telephone number below to speak with a laser spinal treatment professional.

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