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Looking for Spine Help In New York? Laser Spine Surgery May Treat Cervical Disc Problems

The cervical portion of the spine is located in the neck and upper part of the back; it is the most sensitive area of the spine because the head and neck are constantly twisting and turning, which puts non-stop strain on the cervical spine. People often suffer from neck pain, back pain and other symptoms when the cervical discs have been damaged or injured. Fortunately, laser spine surgery can relief the pain, numbness and other symptoms of cervical disc issues, and New York is one of our nation’s top regions for cervical spinal care.

Problems affecting the cervical spine include herniated discs, in which the inner portion of the spinal discs is squeezed outward. Many people also suffer from spondylosis, a form of arthritis in the spinal joints, which puts pressure on the nerves and can cause pain, numbness, and muscle weakness in the arms and legs. People with cervical spine problems may also be affected by radiculopathy, which can cause severe pain and motor disruptions throughout the body. In the worst cases, cervical spine problems creates myelopathy, in which pressure on the cervical spinal cord may lead to inability to walk and loss of bladder and bowel control.

With early intervention and treatment through laser spine surgery, people affected by cervical spinal conditions may avoid further deterioration leading to major surgery, and enjoy much better quality of life.  Laser spine surgery is minimally invasive, requiring only tiny incisions, and can proactively treat damaged and injured cervical discs by removing small portions of the affected cervical discs; since the pain and other symptoms are caused by cervical discs pressing against nerves, once that pressure is relieved, the patient usually feels immediate relief.

It’s important to take steps to address cervical disc problems as soon as possible, before more serious issues occur. New York is recognized as a leading jurisdiction for laser spine surgery. If you suffer pain or other symptoms from cervical disc problems, you should contact a laser spine surgery expert in New York today.