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Laser Spine Surgery: Buffalo Benefits from Advanced Medical Technology

Although it’s the second-largest city in New York, Buffalo is well known from the 2010 Forbes’ list as one of the best places in America to raise a family. And, in spite of the sluggish economy in other cities, Buffalo has continued to grow and regain prosperity, mostly because of the city’s progressive outlook regarding education and healthcare. People living in Buffalo are especially fortunate, since the development of advanced medical technology in this region has benefited people throughout New York. In particular, minimally invasive laser spine surgery has helped many people who had been suffering from back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and other symptoms of spinal problems.

Back injuries have been steadily increasing during the past few years– The population is growing older, yet many people have been working longer hours to make ends meet. With the economy continuing to improve slowly, it’s inevitable that each year more people are being affected by painful spinal conditions for which they seek relief.

In the old days, back surgery was often a risky, highly-invasive procedure requiring hospitalization. Patients were sometimes bedridden for long periods of time because of the large incisions required by invasive spinal surgery. However, with the benefit of advanced medical technologies, nowadays laser spine surgery is the preferred treatment for back pain and other symptoms following spinal injuries. Laser spine surgery is performed in an outpatient setting, and uses very small incisions, so patients heal quickly and usually feel immediate relief from their pain and other symptoms.

If you live in the Buffalo area, and you or someone you love is suffering from back pain or other symptoms from spinal injuries, you could benefit from laser spinal treatments and begin the healing process today. To learn more about laser spine surgery, call the telephone number below.

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