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Is Laser Spine Surgery Right for New Yorkers?

Because of heavy patient caseloads, family practitioners and other front-line doctors in New York sometimes tell people with back pain that spinal problems are difficult to treat, or they may recommend surgery as a last resort. All too often, people who suffer from back pain and other spine-related symptoms seek relief through medications, including strong prescription drugs, even though medications only mask the problem without treating the underlying source of the pain. However, patients seeking pain relief often discover that there is indeed hope for a better quality of life through the benefits of laser spine surgery.
What are the benefits of laser spine surgery?

The main reason for the success of laser surgery is because it is minimally invasive, and requires only a very small incision. Modern technology using lasers causes much less disturbance to the skin and soft tissues surrounding the spinal column. So, patients can usually undergo this procedure as outpatients, thus avoiding the time, expense and worries of hospitalization. Since lasers cause only minimal disruption to the areas around the spine, laser treatments can be quicker and more effective than spinal surgery using older, bulkier instruments.

How does it work?

During laser spine surgery, tiny instruments are inserted through small incisions in order to view and treat herniated discs and other spinal problems. The laser is then used to cut away damaged parts of the disc, so there is less need for large cuts. Smaller incisions and gentler removal of affected disc material means that patients recover quickly and often experience better results including relief from pain, tingling, numbness, and other symptoms.

What’s the first step toward relief?

In New York, laser spine surgery is the preferred treatment for most patients, and it may quickly provide the relief you deserve. If you or someone you know suffers from back pain, neck pain, or any other condition related to spinal problems, you should consult with a medical professional who specializes in laser spinal care. A New York laser spine surgery expert can assess your condition and discuss treatment options with you.