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Can Laser Spine Surgery Help Treat Bulging Discs For People in New York?

Nowadays, doctors in New York are increasing using laser spine surgery to treat back injuries which were formerly very difficult to address. So, patients have more options for obtaining relief for spinal problems that cause back pain, neck pain, numbness and tingling. Doctors and patients alike are especially impressed by lasers’ ability to treat bulging discs, which are an especially common and painful problem.

Back injuries often result from trauma such as accidents and falls, or spinal injuries may be caused by lifting heavy weight. In New York, spinal disc problems are frequently caused by shoveling snow, falling on ice or slippery surfaces, household accidents, traffic collisions, and lifting excessive weights. In any event, a bulging disc can usually be effectively treated with laser spine surgery, and in many cases patients experience quick relief without complications.

What is a bulging disc?

Spinal discs are composed of several parts, including a tough fibrous outer band which surrounds the soft inner portion of the disc. Of course, spinal discs are “stacked” between the separate vertebra bones which form the spinal column, and the main function of the discs is to provide flexibility to the spinal column and protection to the innermost channel which holds the spinal cord.

When the spinal column is strained or injured and the tough outer layer of a disc is damaged, the outer part can bulge or protrude. Doctors may describe the problem as a bulging disc if the disc is merely bulging outward when the spinal column is under pressure. In other cases, the outer layer of the disc is torn, and the soft inner portion can squeeze through; this condition is called a spinal disc herniation or herniated disc. Sometimes, the condition is called a slipped disc, although that term is inaccurate, since the disc is fixed in place and cannot “slip.”

No matter what the condition is called, it can cause serious pain even when the spinal cord itself is not affected: This pain is the body’s way of warning the injured person that some damage has occurred, and that more serious consequences may result if the injury is left untreated. Fortunately, in many cases laser spine surgery is especially effective in treating bulging discs and providing quick relief from pain.

 How does laser spine surgery treat bulging discs?

Laser spinal surgery removes the parts of the disc which have been bulging outward and therefore causing pain. By using laser energy to shrink the portion of the injured disc which has been pressing on nearby nerves, the treatment often provides quick pain relief to people who have been suffering from this condition.

Since laser spine surgery is minimally invasive, in New York the treatment of bulging discs is usually performed on an outpatient basis instead of in a hospital, and most patients return home within a few hours after receiving this treatment, feeling much better. If you or a family member living in New York has been suffering from pain or other symptoms caused by a bulging disc, you should contact a laser spine surgery professional today to discuss your options for treatment.