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Back Pain In New York?

For people in New York who suffer from back pain, neck pain or other spine-related problems, laser spine surgery is worth considering. Although there are a variety of treatment options, patients who undergo minimally-invasive spinal surgery in New York are often rewarded by positive results. Minimally-invasive spinal surgery is usually performed as an outpatient treatment, which avoids the risks, unnecessary worries and delays of hospitalization. The patient often feels quick pain relief, and enjoys a dramatic improvement in quality of life.

Sometimes, painful back problems result from sports injuries, vehicle accidents or household mishaps; in other cases, the exact cause is unknown. Still, if someone feels acute or chronic pain, or other problems such as muscle weakness, tingling or numbness, then they should seek treatment to improve quality of life. When someone cannot easily relieve back pain or other problems by using standard medications or chiropractic methods, then they should consider the possibly of laser spine surgery.

Although older forms of spinal surgery require long or wide incisions in the skin, and stretching of the back muscles to allow access to the spine, laser spine surgery is different because it requires only a very small incision. Best of all, using a laser instead of more-invasive metal instruments to cut and shape the bones and discs of the spine allows skillful spine surgeons to treat the sources of back pain and other problems without disturbing the entire spine.

In effect, laser instruments allow surgeons to treat troublesome areas with pinpoint accuracy, so there is less chance of irritating the entire spine or creating bigger problems. Herniated discs, stenosis of the spine, arthritis and pinched nerves all respond well when laser spine surgery is used appropriately. With successful laser spine surgery, there is no need for deeply invasive back surgery, so patients can experience fewer complications and heal more quickly.

Many patients who have laser spine surgery experience excellent relief from back pain and other symptoms. If a person has suffered from back pain or neck pain over a period of weeks or months, whether the pain has been intermittent or constant, then laser spine surgery may provide a welcome solution. If you or a family member in New York suffers from back pain, neck pain, muscle weakness, tingling or numbness, you should contact a New York laser spine surgery professional today for more information.